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I’m just a mother who LOVES travelling, find out how I do it. Get Started here

How I Afford A Life of Constant Travel
There are people who've sold their possessions and taken a huge plunge into the world of long-term travel. I'm not one of those people. I don't have a trust fund, I didnt play the stock market, and I don't have an inheritance. What I do have is an online business that allows me to work from anywhere with internet. I thought it would be helpful to show you the resouces I use below that you can always come to for your passive income needs. These are the three that you should know about. I use them because they make my life easier, and I;m confident you'll agree too. Just click them below for more details.

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Hiya! I’m Sharon.

The winning woman behind the misfit.

More than a year ago I left my conventional life in England and embarked on an exhilarating new journey by traveling around the world. Since that day, quite a few things have happened. It was all very unconventional as I never travelled growing up, daring and scary at times but incredibly inspiring – and none of it would have happened if I hadn't finally stopped trying to fit in! If I was still a conformist, I wouldn't have given up the comfort of my home for the wild ride of travelling to unknown places with my children. And, frankly, if I had stuck with convention I probably wouldn't be talking to you right now! 

Hundreds of you found your way to this corner of the internet (holy cow!). 

Thank you, and welcome to Winning Misfit.

Don't wait for it, create a world, your world.
-- Anais Nin